Do you need to help link your systems to communicate effectively?

Rely on us to take care of a functional and easy connection of your systems.

Do you need to help link your systems to communicate effectively?

Rely on us to take care of a functional and easy connection of your systems.

Master enterprise information systems

Our experiences for you

At MIA Solutions, we can help you with system integration with the latest standards and trends using proven and advanced integration technologies.

Our services do not only include implementation, but we also take care of our clients after delivering the solution.

We will help you with administration, support and additional solutions.


What will system integration mean for your business?

  • automate business processes and increase work efficiency
  • improve communication between applications
  • reduce operating and maintenance costs
  • shortening the implementation of new systems services
  • reduce the cost of modifying existing or implementing new systems and applications
  • support the growth of core business

Efficient management of business processes

In today's dynamic world, it is not enough to make strategic decisions only once a year. With us you will get all the information online.

We are the exclusive consultant of TIBCO iProcess ™, TIBCO Business Works BPM ™ in the Slovak Republic.

TIBCO iProcess™ and TIBCO Business Works BPM

They represent comprehensive solutions for business process management. It allows developing, model and testing the management of the entire business process.

Take advantage of our consulting services. We will teach you how to automate the updating of individual business process components. Moreover, we will show you how to simplify your work by interactively managing business processes and tracking your business.

We will help you to develop from simple to complex enterprise solutions using standard and customized forms.

System integration

For simpler projects, we are available for a few days to you. However, we will work with you for months if necessary.

We are the official TIBCO Business Works ™ consultant in Slovakia.

TIBCO Business Works

TIBCO Business Works™ is a new-generation solution to connect different data sources and digitize your business. Respond to market changes instantly thanks to the fast conversion of inputs to outputs.

A properly designed solution presents:

  • simplifying of the existing integration architecture
  • lower costs for modifying existing systems and applications
  • lower costs for implementing and integrating new systems and applications
  • greater automation of business processes, resulting in lower costs and faster processing speeds
  • the possibility of easier integration with external entities systems.

Take advantage of our consultation. We will show you how to get real-time data from multiple channels and devices with the application. We will help you reduce development costs and future integration of different services, systems and tools.

We have experience with TIBCO Business Works 5.x as well as with the latest version of TIBCO Business Works 6.