We will become your comprehensive supplier

What do you get with Outsourcing?

Simple definition of Outsourcing describes a service that allows the delegation of internal activities to an external supplier.

This is the biggest advantage of this service: being able to focus on new visions, plans, innovations, projects, and relying on someone else in the specific business for a particular profession.

Of course, this requires trust, a special approach, the quality of the services delivered and last but not least, constant, personal contact.

MIA Outsourcing

At MIA Solutions, we decided to provide a different form of service. Why?

  • Because we want to fill the gap between agency recruitment and large outsourcing projects on the market.
  • Because development and outsourcing are related and we can cover them.
  • Because the customer deserves one, comprehensive, reliable contact.

Our idea is simple in this regard: To be a comprehensive supplier to the client to cover the entire lifecycle of the entrusted project and provide recruitment support.

Our approach to you

We are ready to cover your project with skillful developers, testers, analysts, architects, project managers. If the current capacity is not sufficient for the project, our recruitment team will engage. The team is capable, in the short term, in the required quality and according to your criteria, to complement the satisfying people, our future, new colleagues.

Recruitment does not stop there. The outsourcing service allows you to rely on us for comprehensive care for a dedicated person (job management for a particular role, HR services, wages, personal development, ... Similar to the employment of an internal person, where several of your departments provide this care: Manager, HR , accounting department, training center, ...)

The technologies we focus on

Technológie, na ktoré sa zameriavame

C#, .Net, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Databazy (Oracle, MS SQL), TIBCO

Radi sa s vami k danej téme stretneme osobne a spoločne definujeme, ako vám vieme pomôcť. Pre viac informácií a osobné stretnutie nás kontaktujte.

We will be happy to meet you on this topic personally and define how we can help you. For more information and a personal meeting, please contact us.