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Quick information about business results and company events always at hand wherever you are.


Accuracy of our information thank to top-class software from TIBCO.


We adjust information and reports to your needs and functionalities.


We are able to automatize gathering and distribution of information within your company.


All the reports and information are available over web browser.


We can easily link any data sources.

Even complicated implementations can easily turn into a smile and new possibilities.

Our consultants have rich international experience in implementing TIBCO tools

We use the latest technologies with wide range of different settings without programming

We can connect to any data sources and connect them to each other

We do not duplicate the data in any way and the entire implementation is in the client network

Real-time data at your fingertips
Are you in control of TIBCO software implementation?

Whether you need one-off or longer-term assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. With our strategic consulting services and tailor-made technology solutions, you will be able to focus on what is most important to you - the leadership and growth of your company.

It is a top quality analytical tool for “data discovery” and “data analytics”, characterized by clarity, simplicity and especially speed.

TIBCO Spotfire™ is the ideal solution for monitoring, reporting, collecting and analyzing data. It predicts changes in the business market and helps you react before they happen. You never have to risk taking management decisions again. 

The system will help you discover the potential of your data in time. Thanks to it, you will strengthen the effectiveness of management decisions. You will be able to reduce costs and Increase your profit. The application is easy to navigate and whenever you can download the report that you need

You can link the software to other TIBCO applications. Together they create a comprehensive solution for managers, who want to make their work easier and more automated.

MIA Solutions is the official licenses vendor of the TIBCO Spotfire™ in Slovakia.

A tool that helps you create reports for an unlimited number of users and implement it easily into your applications.

TIBCO Jaspersoft™ enables fast and interactive data reporting. To make the resulting reports easier to understand, you can visualize them. The built-in reporting system distributes and processes large amounts of data. The application examines the data and evaluates them comprehensively. It creates statistical and predictive analyzes.

The software user interface is very clear. You control it intuitively. The data and metrics that are important to your business are under complete control. You can also use the app on your mobile or tablet. TIBCO Jaspersoft ™ is the optimal solution for those who want to simplify and automate data reporting.

MIA Solutions is the official reseller of the TIBCO Jaspersoft ™ license in Slovakia.

We are a pro-client oriented company that listens to the needs of its clients, and on this basis, we have developed additional features to our tools.

To simplify your work and, in particular, reduce your operations when creating presentations for conferences or meetings with clients, we have prepared an add-on that allows you to generate predefined documents with updated data per click or automated at defined intervals.

  • MIA DataWriter

Add-in for writing data directly in the report interface. It will help you ensure data digitization, increase efficiency and simplify work and security at different levels of the company. Examples of use - writing orders from clients, entering comments on achieved results, writing data from production, ...

  • MIA Forecast

MIA Forecast is a forecasting model for future sales based on historical sales and other inputs. This way we can create a calculation on a daily, weekly, monthly basis according to the client's requirements and then create e.g. the production plan with the necessary list for the purchase of raw materials or load lines.

  • Calculation Methods

TIBCO Spotfire has a wide range of functions to calculate data columns. If you miss any function, we can program it exactly to your requirements, or you can also use statistical languages.

  • Custom maps

We can create dynamic maps based on any template or geographic distribution (warehouse, frame, regional distribution).

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