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MIA Solutions, s.r.o.

MIA Solutions appeared on the market in 2011 as a consulting company with a few persistent and cohesive people. These solid foundations began to grow, to create their own products and to achieve great results. Today, MIA Solutions has the character of a product-consulting company. Our horizons have expanded to the Czech Republic, where our subsidiary, MIA Solutions CZ, was founded in 2017.

The professionalism and transparency of our employees has helped to include significant companies in Slovakia and abroad among our clients. Foreign clients are mainly customers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and the Czech Republic.

Our priority is the quality of our services, therefore we follow the high quality standards and procedures.

MIA Solutions, s.r.o.

Jaskový rad 209
831 01 Bratislava - mestská časť Nové Mesto

+421 903 253 826

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What are we like?

We are active people who enjoy walks and hikes. Therefore, we organize various trips and events for the team.

We are open and friendly team

Since we like to spend a lot of time together, we have decided to combine creativity and solidifying relationships into one and regularly organize a joint breakfast where each of us can show our cooking skills. Sometimes we also go for lunch or dinner.

In our free time, we also like to see each other and engage in sports together, whether it is basketball or squash.

We follow the calendar and are pleased to find a reason to reward our employees. MIA Solutions does not forget the birthday, Valentine's Day or Santa Claus.

We are people who experience the success of their colleagues and are happy to participate with them on their important days and support them.


And all this brings us great joy!

Job vacancies

Didn't you find a suitable job for you?

Never mind! We're still working on new projects. Please send us your CV to our HR specialist: jobs@miasolutions.sk, we will be happy to meet you.