MIA Document Management system 

 We have taken advantage of our long-term experience with DMS and have designed our own system 

Correct documents, at the right place and at the right time

Thanks to our experience, we have created a new Document Management System also for your company that we can adapt to your needs.

  • Fast data organization

    You can choose how you want and need to have stored and categorized data from linked systems. MIA DMS lets you do that. You can also simplify the sorting and classification of documents according to your own criteria - the system is fully customizable to your ideas.

  • Faster access

    Do you know "Favorites" from Internet browsers? MIA DMS gives you quick access to the most frequently used documents, no matter what data it is. Simply, the necessary documents will always be on hand.

  • Clear and simple

    We have created MIA DMS with regard to simple and intuitive operation. That is why you can easily use the approval processes in the company and assign different tasks / actions to users.

  • Secure communication

    Secure protocols will not allow unauthorized reading and alteration of content by employees who do not have active access to the document, i.e. between archive / repository and user are the accesses for employees according to your needs.


Intelligent sorting and data management

Key features of MIA DMS

  • long-term archiving of content integrity documents - we protect the authenticity of stored content from external changes
  • secure communication between archive and user - secure protocols do not allow unauthorized reading and modification of content
  • support your own workflows and tasks – approving of invoices, checking the orders or other processes
  • saving, sorting, and searching based on metadata and content - you can embed your own attributes or search within the content of the document itself
  • access control (authorization, authentication) - you determine who and how can access your data

  • organization using folder structure - the classic structured view of data is preserved
  • availability via standard web browsers and mobile apps
  • support for all standard document types - PDF, MS Office, picture formats
  • easy installation and management saves your time and money - our expert team is willing to help even in non-standard tasks
  • the latest technologies and trends - we used the latest backend building elements as well as user interfaces
  • possibility to develop own functionality - by fully controlling the development of the system, we can flexibly adapt to the individual requirements of our clients